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08 September 2008 @ 02:14 pm
The SSHG Quiz Master List 2008  
Welcome to the SSHG Quiz Master List, Part 2. Now you can see all the quiz titles for 2008 in one place for your perusing pleasure. Master List links will be in the sidebar and on the SSHG Quiz Profile page for easy access. Your favorite themes are just a click away. Go ahead and play. You know you want to!

SSHG Quiz Master List 2007

January 2008
New Year's Eve Answers
Happy Birthday, Severus Quiz
Happy Birthday Answers

February 2008
Valentine's Day Quiz
Valentine's Day Answers
Hermione is a Potions Mistress Quiz
Hermione is a Potions Mistress Answers
Detention Miss Granger! Quiz

March 2008
Detention Miss Granger! Answers
Cheaterpants Quiz
Cheaterpants Answers
Living Like Muggles Quiz
Living Like Muggles Answers
Horror Quiz
Horror Answers

April 2008
Forge On! Quiz: Happy Birthday Mr. Fred Weasley and Mr. George Weasley
Forge On! Answers
Happy Anniversary Quiz
Happy Anniversary Answers
Vampire Quiz
Vampire Answers
Moste Potente Passions Quiz
Moste Potente Passions Round 2 Answers
Original Magical Device Quiz
Original Magical Device Answers

May 2008
The Prolific Author Series: Arsenic Jade Quiz
Arsenic Jade Answers
DH Compliant Quiz
DH Compliant Answers
Work in Progress Quiz - Part 2
Whodunit Quiz
Whodunit Answers
Threesomes - Part Deux Quiz

June 2008
Threesomes Part Deux Answers
It's Sex Magic Quiz
It's Sex Magic Answers
I Love To Cry At Weddings Quiz
I Love To Cry At Wedings Answers
Picture Perfect Quiz
Picture Perfect Answers
HBP Compliant Quiz
HBP Compliant Answers

July 2008
Glamour Quiz
Glamour Answers
The Prolific Author Series: Ramos Quiz
I Went To A Marvelous Party Quiz
Ramos Answers
Hurt!Hermione - Part 2 Quiz
Hurt!Hermione Part 2 Answers
The Prolific Author Series: GinnyW Quiz
GinnyW Answers
Ghost Quiz

August 2008
Ghost Answers
The Prolific Author Series: Mundungus42 Quiz
Drunk!Snape Quiz
Mundungus42 Answers
Professor Granger Quiz
Professor Granger Answers
A Kiss is Just a Kiss Quiz
A Kiss is Just a Kiss Answers
Crazy!Snape Quiz
Crazy!Snape Answers

September 2008
Dominate! Hermione Quiz
Dominate!Hermione Answers
Familiar Territory Quiz
Familiar Territory Answers
Happy Birthday Hermione Quiz
Happy Birthday Hermione Answers
Snape & Granger Go On Vacation Quiz
Vacation!Snape Answers

October 2008
Removing the Dark Mark Quiz
Removing the Dark Mark Answers
Food!P0rn Quiz
Food!P0rn Answers
Young again Snape Quiz
Young again Snape Answers
Headmaster!Snape Quiz
Headmaster!Snape Answers
Happy Halloween Quiz

November 2008
Halloween Quiz Answers
The PWP Quiz
The PWP Quiz Answers
Student Teacher Naughtiness Quiz
Student Teacher Naughtiness Answers
The Prolific Author Series: Scattered Logic Quiz
Scattered Logic Answers
Make over Snape into a sex god Quiz

December 2008
Make over Snape into a sex god Answers
Snape meets his in-laws Quiz
Snape meets his in-laws Answers
The Hollow Man Quiz
The Hollow Man Answers
Hurt Snape Part 2 Quiz
Hurt Snape Part 2 Answers
Christmas Quiz
Christmas Answers

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