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08 September 2008 @ 02:09 pm
The SSHG Quiz Master List 2007  
Welcome to the SSHG Quiz Master List, Part 1. Now you can see all the quiz titles for 2007 in one place for your perusing pleasure. Master List links will be in the sidebar and on the SSHG Quiz Profile page for easy access. Your favorite themes are just a click away. Go ahead and play. You know you want to!

April 2007
The First Quiz
The First Quiz Answers
The Marriage Law Challenge Quiz
MLC Answers

May 2007
Prolific Author Series: ladyofthemasque
LOTM Answers
The Work In Progress Quiz
The WIP Answers
Prolific Author Series: Shiv
Shiv5468 Answers
Dancing!Snape Quiz
Dancing!Snape Answers

June 2007
The Unpleasantness Quiz
The Unpleasantness Answers
Humor Quiz
Humor Answers
Prolific Author Series: SouthernWitch69
SW69 Answers
Apprentice Quiz
Apprentice Answers
Hurt!Snape Quiz

July 2007
Hurt!Snape Answers
Time Travel Quiz
Time Travel Answers
Christmas in July
Christmas in July Answers
HP Quiz Kids
HP Quiz Kids Answers

August 2007
Hurt!Hermione Quiz
Hurt!Hermione Answers
Prolific Author Series: Subversa Quiz
Subversa Answers
Animagus Quiz
Animagus Answers
Threesome Quiz
Threesome Answers
Prolific Author Series: Vanity Fair

September 2007
Vanity Fair Answers
Virgin Quiz
Virgin Answers
The Dark Side Won Quiz
The Dark Side Won Answers
Books, Books and More Books Quiz
Books, Books and More Books Answers
Prolific Author Series: Pearle

October 2007
Pearle Answers
Lost in a Book Quiz
Lost in a Book Answers
Get Out of Azkaban! Quiz
Get Out of Azkaban! Answers
How Sweet It Is Quiz
How Sweet It Is Answers
Prolific Author Series: Bambu
Bambu Answers
Halloween Quiz

November 2007
Halloween Answers
Newbie Author Quiz
Newbie Answers
Hermione Granger, Girl Guide Quiz
Hermione Granger, Girl Guide Answers
Summer Exchange Quiz
Summer Exchange Answers
Prolific Author Series: Notsosaintly
Notsosaintly Answers
Meant To Be Quiz

December 2007
Meant To Be Answers
Captured Quiz-rut row!
Captured Quiz-rut row! Answers
Classics Round Nominations Quiz
Classics Round Nominations Answers
Christmas Quiz
Christmas Answers
New Year's Eve Quiz

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indil82indil82 on September 15th, 2008 03:30 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
Oh, what a good idea! Lots of new (re)reading material. I tried to read through all the old posts some time ago, but this is a lot better!

Indil (who caved and opened a LJ account)
morethansirius: Princess of the Quizmorethansirius on September 16th, 2008 08:23 pm (UTC)
Re: Thank you!
Yay! She finally caved! I'm glad you like the Master Lists. It actually makes things much easier for us too when we need to check back on something from a past quiz. Have fun and don't get lost in the quiz archives!

~Scurries off to friend you!~