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28 March 2011 @ 08:31 am
Prof Granger part 2 ANSWERS  

1. I am Not a Goldfish by cathedralcarver
2. Secret by brandy_girl01
3. Spatial Transformation by camillo1978
4. Return of the Bat by irenacandy
5. The Caretaker by aurette
6. The Sun is Often Out by Hannah_1988
7. Traps & Arrows by corianderpie
8. Snow Day by opaljade
9. Stylus by apeacefulsleep
10. Magic of the Mind by talesofsnape

1. We walk until my body is as tired as my mind and when you finally stop I see we are standing in front of your store, the Devia Lacuna. I am, as they say, asleep on my feet. I want to say thank you but you gesture curtly at the entrance and I nod in reply and step inside.
You live above your store, having sold your house years ago.
The flat is small and warm.
You hand me tea and something happens when our fingers touch against the cool porcelain cup.
You nod at me, your eyes veiled and expectant.
So much I want to say and so much I'd like to hear.
I am waiting. You are waiting.
I finish my tea. I put the cup down and stand. You stand, too, and meet me, halfway. We both know what will happen, what we want to have happen.
I slide my hands up your chest. You watch me without moving and I see that look in your eyes, the same look I saw so many years before, before I was old enough to understand it.
Before I was old enough to know what desire truly meant. I am Not a Goldfish by cathedralcarver

2. The whole basin was completely ripped from the wall, as was the faucet, and there was water shooting in most directions. Rolling his eyes, Snape cast a charm in front of his to stop the water from hitting him in the face as he made his way closer and got close enough to the source of water to see that pipe was completely broken. Hermione stood behind him and looked around to see the wall. She smiled, realizing what Peeves had done. She cast a quick spell, and suddenly the water stopped.

‘It was just ghost pipe,’ she murmured when Snape looked over his shoulder at her.

‘A ghost pipe?’ he asked, brow furrowed in confusion.

‘Ummm, well, when pipes aren’t used for a while, they sort of “die” or become dormant, so that when they finally are turned on, the pipe is too old and damaged and breaks from the pressure. Peeves must have just turned on the faucet as far as it could go, and the pipe just exploded,’ she answered with a small grin.

Snape’s eyebrow went up. ‘What I am curious to know is why you know so much about plumbing,’ he said before beginning to make his way out of the bathroom once more.

She felt her heart skip a beat. There was just something about that man… Secret by brandy_girl01

3. He’d managed to get through his fiftieth birthday with the minimum of bother. Barely anyone noticed and nobody made a fuss. But on the ninth of January, it had occurred to the Headmaster that he wasn’t even middle-aged, yet, and already his lifestyle mimicked that of a wizard in his final years. Quite frankly, he thought he ought to do something about it, although what that something was seemed to be shrouded in mystery.

When his Transfiguration mistress requested a meeting in his office, he nodded in silent acquiescence and hoped she wasn’t being headhunted, or feeling like a change, or pregnant. She was a pretty good teacher, a pretty reliable member of staff and ... well ... pretty. The Headmaster’s personal space felt a bit bleak when he thought about Professor Granger. It also seemed to perk up when she came near it and then sulk when she walked away again. Spatial Transformation by camillo1978

4. Lying on the bottom of the now-dry roasting pan was a naked man, Severus Snape without doubt. His eyes were closed and his chest moved up and down with gentle respiration.

"It's alive; it's alive!" Harry exclaimed with astonishment.

"Goodness," Hermione said staring down with surprise. "I had no idea that Snape was so... so..."

"Robes," Harry muttered. "We should have brought some robes."

Shrugging, Hermione transfigured a handkerchief that she pulled out of a pocket into a black robe and tossed it over the insensible man in front of them.

"So now we just wait for him to wake up?" Harry asked.

"No, because there's no mind in there. We've got the body, but we haven't actually got Snape. What we have to do next is talk to the Portrait Master."

"The what?"

"Oh, for heaven sakes, Harry! You still haven't read Hogwarts: A History?"

He shook his head.

"I suppose you think that all of those portraits in the Headmistress's office just happened by... by ... magic!"

"Well, yeah."

"It doesn't work that way! It's like Mr. Ollivander making wands, or a goblin making Godric Gryffindor's sword. Someone has to make the original. Whenever a new teacher comes to Hogwarts, the Portrait Master creates a picture of him or her. There's a magical bond between the picture and the subject, so that when the subject finally dies, the Hogwarts portrait captures the personality and memories of the dead person as they were at the instant that they died. If it was a Headmaster, the portrait automatically goes to the Headmaster's office." Return of the Bat by irenacandy

5. "Amber," he said.
She flicked her wand and whispered an incantation and the frolicking pigmy puffs vanished as the blanket changed to a solid, bright gold.
"Darker," he said, never taking his eyes off hers.
A flick.
Another flick.
She smiled and turned her head as Winky popped into the room with the portrait of Phineas Black. Hermione took the portrait from her and exchanged quick greetings with him. She found a hook on the wall and hung him where he could see the bed.
"Headmaster Black, I was hoping you would be so good as to watch over our patient? He's been injured and just had some major nose surgery. I need someone to keep an eye on him and send word to me in case of emergency."
"I would be honoured to watch over the esteemed former Headmaster, Professor Granger-Weasley."
"Thank you, sir. You are very generous with your time," she replied.
"Think nothing of it, girl," the portrait replied. The Caretaker by aurette

6. ‘So, was it a really close call, the final decision?’

‘No, I don’t think so. There were a couple who were affronted, simply on the principle that they saw no point whatsoever in the subject to begin with. They said I was turning into another “Muggle-loving Dumbledore,” but generally they were all impressed with your work.’

Hermione flushed deeply. ‘I couldn’t have done it without your help,’ she protested.

‘I hardly did anything,’ dismissed Snape.

‘No, you only had to present the idea–’

Snape cut her off with a swift glance. ‘We could volley this back and forth all day.’

‘Probably,’ agreed Hermione, and she moved to lie down, feeling unaccountably relieved at their success. ‘This means I get to go on a spending spree to replenish the Muggle Studies stock room, doesn’t it?’

Snape snorted. ‘"Spending spree"? I’ll want every Sickle accounted for, and if I find a payment to Madam Malkin or Twilfitt and Tatting’s on the Hogwarts account, there’ll be trouble.’

‘As if I would do that!’ said Hermione, giving his calf an admonishing nudge with her foot. ‘You know, it’s a real shame Muggle technology doesn’t work at Hogwarts. Isn’t there any way around it?’ Hermione raised herself up on her elbows and looked at him enquiringly.

‘Well, the only way without an electricity source is to modify the object with magic.’ He turned to her slightly. ‘As you know, that type of thing is tightly controlled by the Ministry, so you would have to go through them.’ The Sun is Often Out by Hannah_1988

7. ‘You look chuffed.’ Neville grins.

‘I am chuffed. I think that went marvellously well.’

For the students, the staff have approved the mentoring scheme, trips for sixth- and seventh-years, seat swapping for House points, and newspaper and talent show participation ditto—all with rules and safeguards to curb cliques and bullying and promote actual interhouse friendships.

For themselves, the staff have decided there will be regular but informal meetings about the ways their subjects overlap or complement one another. Just to get them thinking and talking about these things before Minerva returns and begins her programme of reforms.

Hermione chuckles.


‘Just thinking about my Quidditch gambit.’

‘Which was?’

‘You know—the suggestion that we divide up the House Quidditch teams into four interhouse teams. A notion so horrifying and wrong that almost any other plan sounds like the whispering of the angels.’

‘You did that on purpose!’ Neville howls with laughter. ‘Gods, Hermione, you are brilliant.’

‘I am.’ Traps & Arrows by corianderpie

8. There were only twelve minutes left until the start of the next period, and Hermione was no closer to getting an answer than she had been with Snape earlier. To make matters worse, Dumbledore had just entered his frame and was grinning boyishly (well, as boyishly as a 110 year old possibly could) as if he were enjoying his former colleague’s discomfort tremendously.

Finally, even the headmistress seemed to get impatient with herself and just blurted out, “It’s all about sex, all right. No need to get flustered; we’re all adults here.”

The idea had briefly entered Hermione’s mind when Snape had gotten so brisk with her earlier, and that certainly explained why Minerva was discomfited... but still, it was hard to imagine the entire staff getting excited about sex. They were all so... asexual. Goodness, it was rather difficult imagining the likes of Irma Pince touching anyone, let alone having sex! Snow Day by opaljade

9. Hermione Granger had been teaching for some years now. Other than the permitted holiday breaks (which he had known and cherished so dearly throughout his irritating and tiring years at Hogwarts), Professors were only allowed so many small getaways. However, Albus Dumbledore was a romantic, letting his esteemed Arithmancy Professor escape the tedium of their institute to pay homage once a year on this very day. The old man even had the gall to send a bouquet of nauseatingly bright roses with Hermione some years back. She was able to save a couple before the batch had become incinerated. It was to say the least that he was not in the best of moods that day. As always, she had changed that with ease. Stylus by apeacefulsleep

10. I'm here now, am I not?" Severus asked.

"Only so you can tell me how insufferable I am," Hermione insisted. "Pip says you acted like you hated her as soon as you saw her. Only you couldn't hate her, so you must hate me."

Severus sighed. "We got off on the wrong foot. I act like I hate everyb—" His jaw dropped mid-word, and he stared at the family portrait that looked down at him from the wall. "That's not Weasley."

"What's not Weasley?" Hermione demanded, squinting at the photograph which had been taken shortly after her son had been born. "It's my Weasleys."

Severus's head flicked between the photograph and the woman in front of him several times before he scanned the whole room, finding several more photographs of the same smiling redhead. "B-but that's Charlie Weasley!"

"Well, why did you think we call our daughter Charlotte, dimwit?"

"But I thought you married Ron!" Severus insisted.

Hermione giggled and collapsed back onto her sofa, pointing at him. "You thought—"

Severus's brows furrowed together in agitation. This was not going at all how he had hoped. "I thought you married Ron. Yes, ha ha, very funny. Last I heard it was him you were crying yourself to sleep over."

"And that's why Ron and I would never have worked," Hermione announced as if she had just produced the irrefutable winning argument. "That and timing. We had lousy timing. Not like Charlie." Magic of the Mind by talesofsnape