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Why yes, it has been forever since I last posted...

Just got an email about a new News item on The Petulant Poetess. They very rarely ask for donations, but this is the message:

"We have nearly enough to renew the site for another two years, but not quite enough. Donate to now to keep the site going. Renewal is needed six days from now. Thank you."

The archives which have housed my beloved SSHG stories have dwindled over the years. I just can't think of a world without The Petulant Poetess  even though I don't have a lot of time to spend there lately. I've sent in my donation and really hope it helps! If you are so inclined and can spare a bit, please go to THE PETULANT POETESS and scroll down to the "SUPPORT TPP" link on the bottom menu. You can donate through PayPal.

Thanks for listening. See you at the TPP Archive!

~Smooches each and every one of you.~
Princess of the Quiz

My Life is Not My Own...

SSHG Quiz Hermione crying

Yes, I fell off the Earth again! It seems whenever things get ridiculously busy to overwhelming my time on LJ dwindles into nothingness. Believe me when I say the SSHG Quiz has NOT been abandoned, but real life has swallowed me whole for a bit. If nothing else, I'd love to keep the site alive with special occasion quizzes. Halloween is coming soon, after all!

Hermione- I know!

Calling all Fangirls!!!!

SSHG Quiz Poll - Rita Skeeter

We've had numerous Supporting Character quizzes featuring the likes of Luna, Neville, Minerva, the Malfoys, the Grangers and even Crookshanks! So, who would you like to see featured next? Comment below to vote for your favorite supporting character. Story suggestions and links are always welcome!
Dancing Snape

The Oldest Profession

A request came from Snape and Hermione Shippers Forever!!! over on Facebook for a quiz based on the Just a Gigolo Challenge. Well, Prostitute!Hermione demanded to be included! So this week's quiz visits our intrepid couple as they practice the world's oldest profession.

Everybody sing along!

Just a gigolo,
Everywhere I go,
People know the part
I'm playing.

~Swoons at the thought of Severus' deep baritone singing voice.~

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