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14 May 2014 @ 07:59 pm
SSHG Quiz - Surprise Quiz

Well, real life swallowed me whole for a while, but I'm clawing my way back out and hoping to have tons more reading time again. That means the SSHG Quiz will return soon!!!!

(Don't hold your breath or anything because it's gonna be sometime in June.)

I've missed you guys sooooo much!
14 May 2014 @ 07:54 pm
The SSHG Quiz Master List 2014

Welcome to the SSHG Quiz Master List, Part 8.
Yes, the SSHG Quiz made it into another year, barely, before disappearing with no notice!

With any luck at all the SSHG Quiz will return soon. Look for more quizzing fun this summer!

The SSHG Quiz Master List 2014Collapse )
03 February 2014 @ 08:11 pm
Are you a major TalesofSnape fangirl? Hope you enjoyed your reading. Here's the answer sheet!

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01 February 2014 @ 12:40 am
The latest in our Prolific Author Series is none other than talesofsnape! She didn't start off writing in the Potter fandom, but it was a lucky day for SSHG fangirls when she found our little part of the universe. Come enjoy her many marvelous stories featured on the quiz and wish her a very Happy Birthday!!!

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20 January 2014 @ 06:07 pm
Have some hot cocoa to warm up after all that snow! Here's the answer sheet.

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18 January 2014 @ 11:59 am
With the third round of snow coming in here, it seemed the perfect time for this quiz! Come join Severus and Hermione in the snow.

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13 January 2014 @ 08:05 pm
Hope you enjoyed Snape's birthday party! Here's the answer sheet.

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09 January 2014 @ 11:11 pm
It's that time again. All together now...

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Potions Master!
Happy birthday to you!

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09 January 2014 @ 10:02 pm
Weasley Twins fireworks

It's time to Quiz again!

26 November 2013 @ 12:05 am
Did you enjoy your WHO Day? Here's the answer sheet!

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