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Dancing!Snape - Part 2

SSHG fangirls just cannot resist the thought of Severus Snape dancing. We swoon at the very thought of it. Well, here you go, my little quizzlings! Twelve opportunities to swoon coming up!

Want to give Hermione a run for her money in the know-it-all field? Simply play the quiz by commenting on this post with your answers at any time over the weekend. All comments with answers will be screened until the answer sheet is posted on Monday morning EDT. On Monday, all quizzlings with the correct answers will receive a pretty banner to prove their quiz prowess. Ready? Set? Play!

Match the quotes to the story titles without picking the red herring titles:

Dance with Me by linlawless
I Have A Secret by ladyofthemasque
The Dance by ms_figg
Book Club by m_mcgonagall_65
All You Need Is Love by hogwarts_91
Far Away by brenamarie
The Ministry Ball by debjunk
The Grim Mistress by alphafemale aka danistormborn
Queer Eye for the Snape Guy by ShagsTheDustmop
Having a Ball or on TPPby melusin_79
So This Is Love by Slytherin Head
Plotting With The Potions Professor by sunnythirty3

1. Just then, Severus approached their table. “Hermione, would you care to dance?” A sudden gleam appeared in Minerva’s eye. Hermione ignored her for the moment and said, “Sure, Severus.” She gave Minerva a quick glare as she got up from the table.

She and Severus walked to the dance floor, and he held out his arms. Hermione stepped into his arms, and they began to dance. Why didn’t I notice if Edward’s hands were warm? Her hand felt cocooned in his, and the warmth that she felt through her dress from his hand on her back seemed to spread to her toes.

“You’ve done a marvellous job on the party, Hermione,” he commented.

Hermione hadn’t realised how deep his voice sounded until now when his mouth was so close to her ear. Suddenly, her senses seemed to be attuned to him. He smells like new parchment, and herbs, and... something else. What is it?

“Hermione, are you all right?” Hermione suddenly noticed she’d been taking deep breaths through her nose, trying to ascertain what Severus smelled like. Stop that before you make a fool of yourself!

“I’m fine, Severus. Thank you. Jasmine and I had a good time planning the party together.”

They danced silently for a moment. Still lost in the spell of her senses, she didn’t know that she had been rubbing one finger of her hand on his sweater, enjoying the softness of the cashmere. That is, she didn’t know until Severus moved his hand slightly so that his thumb was caressing the skin of her back at the lowest point the plunging neckline left bare. Suddenly all Hermione’s attention was drawn to that spot on her back.

2. Arriving at Dungeon Four precisely on time, she entered to find the floor had been cleared and charmed smooth, and her Potions master, bereft of his usual teaching robes, awaiting her arrival. He closed the door after her, locking it and setting a Silencing charm.

“Now, as you are the expert, perhaps you will have some idea where we should start, Miss Granger,” he suggested.

“Perhaps some basics, so we can assess each other’s ability. Do you have any music?” she asked.

“Of course.” He waved his wand, and a simple waltz emanated from a small box in the corner. He held out his hand and beckoned her to him. Taking her right hand in his, he placed his right on her waist as she rested her left hand on his right upper arm.

She nodded her readiness to commence, and he took a few faltering steps. She struggled to follow him. “Dammit. This is no better than those idiot classmates of yours.”

“It’s not quite right, Professor,” she hesitantly told him.

“What is wrong?” he asked brusquely, scowling a little.

“Er… you need to hold me a lot closer. To dance properly I need to feel you so I can follow.” She blushed as she demonstrated, placing herself close enough so their chests and thighs were in close contact.

His cheeks were also stained a little pink as he replied, “Very well, if that is the way it is done.”

This time, she had no difficulty following his movements, and after a few minutes, they both relaxed into the rhythm and sway of the dance. As the music came to an end, Snape twirled her out from his body, pulling her back again in a graceful finale.

“You are correct. That works much better. And I commend you on your ability, Miss Granger. You are indeed a fine dancer.” He bowed slightly with his compliment as she flushed.

3. A change of music, and the sultry beat, rocking between slow and quick began. But rather than holding me at regulation distance, he pulled me close, as close as he had at the beginning of the lesson. Lover-close. I gave myself up to the rhythm, to the music, to the guidance of his arms and the passion of his movements as we flicked our legs around each other. Cotton and linen whispered against silk and chiffon. Heat suffused my body, as he made love to me in the only possible, publicly acceptable way. I whipped my head with each turn, making the hair I’d bound into a looped knot at the nape of my neck bounce and sway, threatening to dislodge the sapphire-bowed clip holding it in place. He breathed deeply, his chest swelling against mine with each inhalation, as the music speeded in its tempo, increasing the driving movements.

Truly, Argentina was the best place to go, to learn how to tango. I could barely keep up with him, though I had thoroughly studied all the variations I could find. But he was a good dancer—he drew me with him, without dragging me along, or dragging himself down. Lifted me, without having to carry me. By the end of the dance, I was anticipating his every move…and in such a state of heated longing, when the music ended and he flung me over in a dramatic dip, I clutched at the back of his head and pulled us together into a kiss. Lungs heaving, lips panting, I devoured his mouth.

He straightened us both, and I almost cried out in fear that he was going to set me aside—thank god he did not! No, he kept his head bent to mine, kept his lips on my skin, though he trailed them to my ear, to my jaw, to all the tender, vulnerable spots on my neck that made me shiver. His hands clutched as fervently as my own, and the elongated hardness of his loins ground into my belly, making me throw back my head and cry out my secret as he suckled sharply at the base of my throat, marking me with his mouth—

“—Te amo!”

His head jerked up from the chiffon-draped neckline of my dress, eyes glazed in shock. They bored into mine as I panted in passion and fear, then he closed them with a soft sound that was somewhere between a groan and a sigh, as if to shake off his lusts. When he opened them again, his gaze was still a little dazed. Then it fastened abruptly at the base of my throat. I tried to stumble back, but his hand came up and broke the velvet band, jerking the amulet away. Demanding without a word the right to a much closer look.


I turned and ran. So much for vaunted Gryffindor bravery.

4. I squeeze you one last time before kissing your cheek and handing you back to your husband. Taking your mother's hand, I begin to dance with her. Harry and Ginny are next to join us, followed by Ginny's parents.

As we slowly waltz next to the two of you, we hear Severus ask, “So, this is what makes life divine?”

Your face shines as you smile at him before you tell him, “So it would seem.”

I see the look in your husband's eyes as the two you dance. At this moment, the only person in the room is you. Nothing else in the world matters to him because he's wondering how it is that you could give him your heart, your love, your very being.

He leans down to kiss you once again, and I look away. Looking down at your mother, I press a kiss to her forehead before pulling her close to me. Her head is resting under my chin, and she wraps her arms tight around me.

Someday, Severus and you will be in the same position as we are, and I pray to God that the two of you are lucky enough to love each other as much as I've loved your mother. Aside from you, she's the most important woman in the universe to me, and I would die if anything were to happen to her.

Closing my eyes, I lose myself to the song... and the memories of the past....

5. She smiled at him when she arrived, and he reflexively frowned at an unusual little jolt of energy that seemed to be provoked by it. Rather than saying hello, she asked, "Care to dance, Headmaster Snape?"

"Not particularly," he replied.

"Are you sure?" she asked, her smile widening. "I suspect Minerva will harass you mercilessly when she realises you spent her entire birthday party moping about in the corner."

"Even more so when she discovers the dent I've made in her supply of good scotch," he muttered, then decided he was slipping in his advancing years: she had heard a comment he hadn't intended to make out loud.

She laughed. "Yes. Even more so then."

"She's busy." Snape inclined his head in the direction he had last seen his erstwhile friend dancing with Kingsley Shacklebolt. "She won't notice much about my enjoyment, nor the lack thereof. In fact, I was just thinking I could safely leave her and her guests to their fun."

Granger shook her head almost mournfully, and Severus narrowed his eyes. What was the pain in his arse witch up to? She said, "Well, as her friend and protegee, I cannot in good conscience leave her ignorant of such a sad state of affairs, can I?" She paused, and her expression bordered on predatory when she added, "Of course, if you were to dance with me, any claim that anyone might make that you were trying to spoil her party would seem spurious, wouldn't it?"

6. Severus watched the whole scene play out. It had lasted no more than two minutes. Whatever Hermione had said to Draco had set him off, and the young man had stalked off, leaving Hermione by herself. Severus made his way toward her as she returned to her place on the side.

“Miss, would you like to dance? I noticed Mr. Malfoy was quite rude, and I wouldn’t want you to think horridly of every Slytherin here because of his horrid actions.”

Hermione’s eyes grew wide. Severus Snape was asking her to dance. But it was written law that Severus Snape never danced. Why would he be asking her to dance now? Had the world ended, and no one in the room knew it? She robotically took Severus’ outstretched hand and let him lead her to the dance floor. She felt his arms around her, and they began to dance.

“You probably already know that I’m Severus Snape, but I am at a loss as to who you are,” Severus drawled.

“My name is Jean,” she told him.

“Are you here with someone, Jean?”

“No, I came alone.”

“It seems to me that a beautiful woman like you should never go anywhere alone.”

Hermione’s mouth almost dropped open. Severus Snape was flirting with her. Severus Snape could flirt? Yes, definitely the entire world had come to an end.

“Thank you,” she managed to mumble, still in shock.

7. Sighing, she leaned in closer to him. The dance began, and he placed his hand confidently on her lower back.

She felt as smooth as she looked.

He could feel a strand of curls tickle his cheek. It had been a long time since he was this close to a woman. She seemed more than willing to be dancing with him. She even appeared to be enjoying it. She crept closer and closer to him, melting their bodies together, until she could lay her head on his shoulder. Although they were barely moving, his world was spinning. Her feel. Her smell. She was intoxicating.

But there was something else there. Although he wasn’t trying to look into her mind, his Legilimency skills were on full alert. She had a sadness to her. There was something mysterious and harsh wrapped up inside her picture of innocent confidence. He held her closer.

Severus was a private man by nature. He was also cruel when it suited him. In his line of work, it had been necessary to keep people at bay. And as a Potions Professor, distance and fear encouraged less screw-ups from the students, which meant fewer explosions. But there was something about this girl that inspired trust. He felt as though if he explained his whole worthless, rotten life to her that she would understand. Severus had spent many years simply working to have someone accept him, and in a moment he had found someone who he instinctively felt would understand him. He had never dared to wish for that.

He wouldn’t be making declarations of undying love. He didn’t love her; he didn’t even know her. But he was interested in knowing more about her. Severus did not, however, break their silence and attempt to find out. He kept his own council, merely closing his eyes in the comfort that he felt in her presence.

When the song ended, he backed away, intending to thank her and make his excuses to Albus to leave the ball. He had done his duty. Merlin knew he had done enough for one night.

But the woman shook her head ever so slightly. She tightened her grip on his hand. In one gliding step, she was back in his arms. He was confused, but he obliged and led her in another dance.

It was a lot like life. He didn’t always understand, but he danced on. That was the way of the world… at least, if one intended to survive.

8. The gentle strumming of a guitar could be heard throughout the Great Hall. At that moment, Hermione found herself being led around the dance floor, relishing the feeling of being held so tenderly by her wizard. At the same time, she was trying to pay attention to the lyrics of the song that had brought them together for the moment they were sharing.

‘Cause you know
You know, you know
You know
That I love you
I’ve loved you all along.

“That was the hardest part,” Severus said out of what felt like nowhere.

“What was that?” Hermione answered dreamily.

“That part of the song, where he said, ‘I love you, I’ve loved you all along.' I knew you didn’t know how I felt about you, and I should have told you."

“Severus, you may have never said the words, but I did know.”

“How could you? When with the one intimate advance you made, I pushed you away. That action on my part doesn’t exactly project the severity of my feelings for you.”

“No, that one action may not have. It was the hundreds of others that spoke to me without you having to say anything at all. It was how you shared yourself with me openly and honestly. The small smiles you’d send me, or the casual touch of your hand across the table.”

She looked into his eyes and smiled the warm loving smile that he’d missed so completely. While looking at her, he could feel his heart beat just a little bit faster. Being as caught in the moment as they were, he began to spin her around the dance floor as if the music were not only an extension of his feelings but as if it had somehow taken a hold of his body.

9. “You enjoy dancing, I trust?” Severus asked his companion.

“I love to dance,” replied Hermione. “Well, not the kind of dancing they do at school so much as REAL dancing, like Salsa or Tango or Swing.”

Severus’ brows raised, “You can Swing?”

“After three summers of dance camp, I’d say I definitely can Swing,” she tossed back.

“Excellent. Then you should enjoy this . . .” He led her to a club door, from which spilled forth lively music. They entered and saw several couples Swinging expertly on the dance floor, while several others sat at cocktail tables enjoying the entertainment.

“When did you have time for dance camp, ‘Mione?” asked Harry in confusion.

She glared back at him, “When you were at the Dursleys and we weren’t hiding from Voldemort, that’s when. No one ever said I had to tell you EVERYTHING about my life!”

“Don’t tell me YOU can dance?” asked Hermione as Severus helped her remove her cloak again. “I wouldn’t have thought you’d be the type.”

“Appearances can be deceiving, Miss Granger,” said Severus as he took her hand and led her onto the floor for the next song.

The camera watched from afar as the two danced. At first it was a little awkward, as the Hermione accustomed herself to the queues that Severus gave for various movements. By the second song however they had adapted to each others styles and were becoming more adventurous. The program was too short to show all of this though, and cut in and out on their movements, but captured most of the essence.

Severus and Hermione were smiling at each other during a particularly lively swing number, their gaze breaking only to twirl and rotate about. The enjoyment on both parts seemed intense and genuine, and they both were laughing as the song ended and Severus walked Hermione over to a table for a short break.

“How very interesting,” whispered Hooch to McGonagall. “If I’d have known he could dance like that I would never have taken no for an answer at last year’s Valentine’s Ball.”

“You DIDN’T take no for an answer, Rolanda, if I recall correctly,” Minerva retorted.

10. “I daresay you underestimate your man-handling abilities,” he whispered. He shifted even closer. The front of his robes brushed her dress and a smile played along his lips. “But should you need someone to practice them on …”

“Ah, the humble male test subject, eh?” She angled her neck so she could watch his eyes and moved closer, already anticipating the feel of his lips.

“Hermione!” said a voice behind her, so loud she jumped. She turned to find Harry watching her, a look of concern on his familiar face. She mumbled a quick hello and tried not to be irritated when he butchered his greeting to Severus.

“Will you dance with me, Hermione?” he asked.

“Maybe later, Harry,” she told him. “I still haven’t had a chance to dance with my date yet.”

His green eyes surveyed the crowd with curiosity. “Right. Where’s your date, then?”

In perfect unison, both Hermione and Severus rolled their eyes and pointed to one another. Harry’s obvious shock was enough to keep her annoyance at bay. He seemed incapable of forming words, so he resorted to a rather comical display where his mouth kept opening and closing, again and again, as if an appropriate response would spring forth at any moment.

Turning to Severus, she jerked her thumb in Harry’s direction. “Would you mind terribly if I danced with fish-boy here?” She was in no mood to spare Harry’s feelings, and he really did resemble nothing so much as a fish out of water.

“By all means,” said Severus, his tone gracious despite the look of dislike marring his features.

She trudged back to the dance floor with Harry in tow. “I thought you didn’t care for dancing,” she said.

“I hate it,” he confirmed as they began to move in time to the music. “But I saw how you were stuck dancing with Lucius Malfoy, and then I thought Snape was threatening you…”

She interrupted him with a derisive sigh. “Would you please stop trying to save everyone?”

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