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Broken Links List

With the disappearance of some archives and difficulty accessing others, the SSHG Quiz mods decided it's about time we addressed the broken links issues on past quizzes. Replacing links on each and every quiz and answer sheet would be ridiculously time consuming as there are over 230 quizzes now. However, a Broken Links Post is a simple solution. This post will be a Work in Progress. When you visit an old quiz just access this post from our quiz sidebar in another tab. Any time you find a broken link, check for the title on this post to find the story. If you don't find it here (or an explanation that it has been removed from the web by the author), just leave us a comment either here or on the original quiz and we'll go hunting for it! We would also appreciate it if you have an alternate link to suggest or know that the story has been removed from the web so we can let the fangirls know.

This post will be frequently updated until all quizzes have been checked. (All quizzes have been checked! A list of titles is still being checked for alternate links.) After that we will add stories as the fangirls point out broken links.

Hope this helps!

1,001 Nights by Jocemum
25 Dates and on TPP by averygoodun
A Bit of Christmas Providence by celisnebula
A Conspiracy of Epicurean Proportions by geminiscorp
A Dish Served Cold by Friendly Quark aka barriequark
A Dreaded Holiday by ginny_weasley31
A First Christmas by brenamarie
A Fresh Start and On TPP by richardgloucester aka dickgloucester
A Gathering of Angels by annietalbot WIP
A Is For by dickgloucester
A Likely Story by pokeystar
A Matter of Honor by McAmy
A Most Unlikely Correspondence by Little Beloved - Removed from the internet by the author
A Mote of You by dickgloucester
A One-Two Punch by deeble
A Pinch of This, A Dash of That and On TPP by iamstarmom
A Potionful of Trouble by tempestofdreams
A Request Honoured by sshg316
A Rose in the Depth of Winter by juno_magic
A Slip of the Tongue by ginny_weasley31
A Sneaking Suspicion by vanityfair00
A Spider Book by duniazade
A Taxing Affair by dickgloucester
A Victorious Draw by nastygrl
A Walking Shadow and On FNN by ariadne1
Affected Recollections by little_beloved - Removed from the internet by the author
Agapi by Lone Butterfly aka butterflycross
All Ron's Fault by sc010f
Altered Perspectives by snarkywench_64 HG/HP
Always In My Mind by Lucyferina
An Act of Courage by sylvanawood
An Angel's Touch by talesofsnape
An Argument for Selfishness by bluestocking79
An Unreasonable Man by Lulabelle72 - removed from the internet by author
And So It Comes To This by odogoddess
Angel of Music by celisnebula
Appropriate Commentary by sc010f
Arachne by sylvanawood
Around Midnight by Anne aka Domina
As Soon as I Belong by firefly124
Awake by Natasha_Von_Snape aka absolute_tash
Backwards and in High Heels by bluestocking79
Bedtime Stories by darth_kittius
Before the Dawn by snarkyroxy
Bermuda by pigwidgeon37
Best Laid Plans by mmyrtle
Better Living Through Potions by mollilicious
Between the Sand and Stone by sshg316
Blank Slate by Auror Borealis
Blood From A Stone by warded_portal
Bound to Silence by cecelle
Bride of the Potions Professor by severely_lupine
Buses by shiv5468
But You Alone by Azazello - Removed from the internet by the author
Calling Card by bambu345
Canvas & Paint by shiv5468 and warded_portal
Canvas and Parchment by camillo1978
Caramel by corianderpie
Care of Magical Creatures by arsenicjade
Care of Magical Creatures by miamadwyn
Carpe Diem by clare009
Catspaws by Doomspark
Check Out by Alliean - Removed from the internet by the author
Child of Monte Crisco by Lone Butterfly
Chosen by Desire by snarkywench_64
Christmas In Manchester by Lulabelle72 - removed from the internet by the author
Climate Change by sylvanawood
Collateral by arsenicjade
Consequences by SamusAran aka severely_lupine
Conspiracy Theory by ubiquirk
Constant Companion by bluestocking79
Cool Hand Luke by camillo1978
Country Rose by isis_and_neit
Crooked by dickgloucester
Damn! We Missed the Reception by snarkywench_64
Dance by keladry_lupin
Dance with the Devil by Juliet
Dancing in Minefields by lady_rhian
Dare to Dance or Dare to Dance on GE by Shilodarke
Dark and Stormy by annietalbot
Dark Gods in the Blood by hayseed_42
Darkest Before the Light by celisnebula
Denial by Little Beloved
Descending into Obscurity by sbrande WIP
Detours and Roadblocks by rayvyn2k
Diary, Diary by Lulabelle72 - removed from the internet by the author
Die Fledermaus by Caya
Discovery by melenka
Dolls by EverVengeful
Down and Out in Bognor Regis by harrietvane
Easy Like Sunday Morning by camillo1978
Enraptured by sshg316
Epiphany by melusin_79
Erotic/Erratic by alexandramuses
Ever After by minuet99
Evolution by sc010f
Face On by harmony_bites
Faithful Death by Clara Minutes
Falling by warded_portal
First Name Basis by vanityfair00
First, You Have to Understand by miamadwyn
Five Doxy Wings by camillo1978
Flattery Gets You Nowhere by Alliean - Removed from the internet by the author
Font by miamadwyn
For One Night of the Year by Lulabelle72 - Removed from the internet by the author
For Whom The Kettle Whistles by Lulabelle72
Forbidden Obsession by Corazon
Forgive Us Our Debts by drmm
Free Fall by Aurette
From Both Sides Now by bluestocking79
Fun with the Headmistress by Angel Mischa
Geneamorology by septentrion1970
Get a Life by camillo1978 WIP
Gifts by annietalbot
Give It Back To The Birds by zambonigirl
Good as Gold by camillo1978
Graduate Work and On FFN by argosy
Grasping at Normality by Kaz - removed from the internet by author
Green-Eyed Monster by sshg316
Gryffindor Reds, Slytherin Greens by severina2884
Guard … Check … Mate by bambu345
Hanging by a Chain by ginny_weasley31
Healer Granger by Angel Mischa - Removed from the internet by the author
Healing the Wounds by snarkywench_64 HG/DM
Heartbeat by grrangerous
Her Grandmothers' Tea by miamadwyn
Hermione's Cinderella Adventure (Or a Facsimile of One) or at at TPP by blackeyedlily
Hermione’s Victory by paisleysnail
Hero by keladry_lupin
Hinge of Fate by Ramos
His Draught of Delicate Poison by subversa
His Poisoned Christmas Carol by subversa
Holiday Hijinks May Be Hazardous to Your Health by wolf_moonshadow
Home by misstee123
Hook, Line and Sink Her and On TPP by laiksmarei
Hunting of the Snark by Poe Momm
Honeysuckle Magic by Lulabelle72 - Removed from the internet by the author
I Don't Like Tuesdays by silburygirl
I Know What You Do In The Dungeons by butter_cup_
I'll Never Take Advantage by annietalbot
I'm Not Quite Sure How to Respond to That by Angel Mischa
Icing Roses by voxangelus
If He Were A Better Man by Ubiquirk
If the Shoe Fits by ginny_weasley31
Illumination by Lulabelle72 - Removed from the internet by the author
In Apple Blossom Time by annietalbot
In Charm's Way by annietalbot
In Dreams by shefa
Invitation to Detention by English Snow Rose - Removed from the internet by the author
Irish Vikings by camillo1978
It All Comes Down To Time by JenKM1216 aka gypsy_morph
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini by maddyriddle
Jitters by Lulabelle72 - Removed from the internet by the author
Just a Little Bit by melenka
Let Nothing You Dismay by bluestocking79
Letters to No One by ginny_weasley31
Lines Undrawn by arsenicjade
Liquid Courage by sshg316
Living Legacy by sshg316
Lost Time by firefly124
Louder Than Words by bluestocking79
Love is Blind by Coriander
Lowering the Defences by alexajones22
Magic of the Mind by talesofsnape
Making Edward by SamusAran aka severely_lupine
Marriage by Numbers by sunnythirty3
Married Alive by Azazello -Removed from the internet by the author
Master in the Trees by mundungus42
Master of Enchantment by subversa
Mausoleum by Lulabelle72 - Removed from the internet by the author
Meadowlark by sc010f
Meet the Beetles by subversa
Meet the Parents by subversa
Meeting Frederick by keladry_lupin
Memories of War by hypnobarb1
Merlin's Amulet by melusin_79
Mind Blowing Bubbles and On FNN by deemichelle
Mists of Time by amr (Only available on OWL?)
Morning Has Broken by bambu345
Moving On and On Ashwinder by ginny_weasley31
Needfire by A Bicycle Built for Two
New Beginnings by madeleone
Nineteen Years Later by juno_magic
No Loyalty in the Moonlight and On FFN by ariadne1
Not A Date by Lulabelle72 - Removed from the internet by the author
Not Only a Granger by ferporcel
Nothing To It by deeble
Nox by somigliana WIP
Numb and On TPP by firefly124
Obsession by somigliana
Of Debts and Debt Collection and On TPP by ttfs aka Anastasia
Of Pain and Passion by snarkywench_64
On the Road That I Have Taken by Humanity74 - removed from the internet by author
Paradox by clare009
Peeves the Matchmaker by Ezmerelda
Pet Project by caeria
Picking Up The Pieces by Simplyscribling
Pieces of Me by somigliana
Polyjuiced by cecelle
Pomegranate Seeds by arsenicjade
Potential by ubiquirk
Practical Solutions by Aurette
Pushing the Envelope by britt_1975
Quidditch Appreciation by verseblack
R.S.V.P by scatteredlogic and whitemunin
Real Magic by talesofsnape
Reckoning by odogoddess
Recognition by Jezzie
Remember, Remember by somigliana
Rise of Life on Earth by harrietvane
(Ron's to Blame) - All Ron's Fault by sc010f
Round Midnight by Anne aka Domina
Rude Awakening by annietalbot WIP
Saint Valentine's Liquorice by subversa
Sanctuary and On TPP by minuet99
Satisfaction by fandomme
Saving a Death Eater by bambu345
Seven Brides for Seven Snapes by dickgloucester
Seven Days by septentrion1970
Seven Minutes in Heaven by StormySkize
Shades by Orm Irian
Side Effects by Aurette
Silk Stockings by firefly124
Silly Little Girl by bambu345
Silver Bells by somigliana
Slightly Less Sinister by Jezzie
Snape is the Best Medicine by blueartemis07
Snape's Boon by amr (Only available on OWL?)
Snape's Redemption or Snape's Redemption on AFF by Juliet
Souls in Vortex by somigliana
Spoils of War by bambu345
Strengths and Weaknesses by ianthe_waiting
Taken by subversa
Taking Shelter by Lulabelle72 - Removed from the internet by the author
Takeover Bid by dickgloucester
Tea and Sympathy by Jocemum
Tempestuous Trials by dacian_goddess
The 25th of Kislev and On WIKTT Masque by Lone Butterfly aka butterflycross
The Beauty of Grace by misstee123
The Bells of Passion's Watch by swooning4a_r
The Betrayal by sshg316
The Bowtruckle War by melisande88
The Charon by annietalbot
The Christmas Gift by snarkywench_64
The Christmas Trap by lorraineblue
The Curse of True Love by ginny_weasley31
The Curtain Falls by bambu345
The Days by ginny_weasley31
The Deception by ubiquirk Removed from the internet by the author
The Difficulty With Defense by Poemomm - Removed from the internet by the author
The Dissolution Law by miamadwyn
The Doppelganger Elixir by Lulabelle72 - Removed from the internet by the author
The Foreigner by annietalbot
The Fullness of Time by bambu345
The Gentleman’s Ticky Box by Lulabelle72 - removed from the internet by the author
The Gryffindor of Christmas Present by anogete
The Hunting of the Snark by Poe Momm
The Headmaster's Teas by chazpure
The Interpretation of Maladies by azraelgeffen
The 'Just Call Me G' Series by duniazade
The Language of Flowers by duniazade
The Last Word by KalinaLea
The Life Debt by annietalbot
The Life Unlived by sshg316
The Lioness Prophecies by amr (Only available on OWL?)
The Lonely Ones by Noelani Sitara (abandoned)
The Long Wait by ancientgirl
The Long Way Home by sshg316
The Love You Take by subversa
The Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers by talesofsnape
The Old Ways by Thalassa
The Plight-Trothed Bride by beaweasley2
The Plushie Problem by plaidpooka
The Price of Freedom by rhosymedre47
The Price of Leaving Early by Lulabelle72 - Removed from the internet by the author
The Redeemer by Lone Butterfly butterflycross
The Resolution Solution by ginny_weasley31
The Rise of Life on Earth by harrietvane
The Silvering Divide by somigliana
The Song the Summer Sings by sshg316
The Spoils of War by bambu345
The Sponge Bath by JenKM1216 aka gypsy_morph
The Summoning by bambu345
The Tenant of Lyonesse Hall by lady_rhian WIP
The Truth by keladry_lupin
The Twelve Dark Days of Christmas by sshg316
The Valentine's Journal by dickgloucester
The Vibrator, the Witch and the Painting by sylvanawood
Three Galleons, chapter 1/4 by sam_storyteller
Tidings of Comfort and Joy by stormyskize
Tiny Bubbles by Lulabelle72 - Removed from the internet by the author
To Kill A Mocking Bird by Poe Momm - Removed from the internet by the author
To Make Much of Time by mundungus42
Too Wise To Woo by apythia
Traitor and On FNN by averygoodun
Trial and Trepidation by loves23rules
Two Weeks Notice by vanityfair00
Tyger! Tyger! and On AFF by Bloodcult of Freud
Under The Potions Master by Angel Mischa
Unreliable Trio by somigliana
Vanity by Wartcap
Very Bad Things by Geena
Voice of Truth by ginny_weasley31
Walk Through Fire and On Ashwinder by Wonderfulchild aka wonderfulwrites WIP
Wandering by HedwigsHaven WIP
What Goes Around... by melusin_79
What He so Richly Deserves by snarkywench_64
What I Know You’ve Done by snarkyroxy
What to Expect When Your Husband's Expecting by bluestocking79
What Yet Remains by bethbethbeth
Wheel of the Moon by rillalicious
Where The Pug Is by Lulabelle72 - Removed from the internet by the author
Winds of Change by Lulabelle72 - Removed from the internet by the author
Winter of Our Discontent and On FFN by losille2000
WITH FRIENDS LIKE THAT… by pigwidgeon37
Wolfsbane by keladry_lupin
Working Document by sc010f
Your Faithful Dissenter by Lulabelle72 - Removed from the internet by the author

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