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30 March 2012 @ 07:27 am

It came as quite a shock to many of us, but on March 21, 2012 we learned that one of our own, a beloved author in our fandom and an avid reader of fanfiction, passed away suddenly on February 22, 2012, leaving behind a loving husband, a six-year-old daughter, and 17 wonderful stories as part of her legacy. Many of us got to know Livvy not only by her stories, but through her insightful, witty and humorous reviews. Her positive and supportive comments always inspired the writer to continue working. Some of us also had the privilege to develop our relationship with Livvy through emails, discussing stories, plot lines, character development and narrative themes in more depth as we tried to mutually sharpen and improve our writing. For those of us who knew Livvy, we shall miss her spunk, her good humor and her cheerfulness. We are all richer for having her in our lives and for having known her.

To honor and remember this cherished author, one of our own, here is a look back on some of the stories that she so graciously shared with us, her readers and friends. Rest in peace, Livvy, you will be sorely missed by all who had the pleasure to know you and enjoy your talented quill. Always.

So it is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we say farewell to Livvy6.

(Our heartfelt thanks go out Beaweasley2 for writing this tribute to Livvy6.)

Livvy6's stories are archived at:
The Petulant Poetess (17 stories)
Occlumency (6 stories)
Ashwinder (5 stories)
OWL (2 stories)
FanFiction.Net (1 story)
harrypotterfanfiction (2 stories)
The WIKTT Archives (1 story)

Want to give Hermione a run for her money in the know-it-all field? Simply play the quiz by commenting on this post with your answers at any time over the weekend. All comments with answers will be screened until the answer sheet is posted on Monday morning EDT. On Monday, all quizzlings with the correct answers will receive a pretty banner to prove their quiz prowess. Ready? Set? Play!

Match the quotes to the story titles:

Bookends (SS/HG)
Full of Grace (SS/HG)
I'll Be There (Hogwarts Castle)
Hurt (SS/HG)
La Chasseresse ( SS/HG) (Unfinished)
A Change is Going to Come (SS/HG)
Longing (SS/HG)
The Unforgiven (SS/HG)
Shelter from the Storm (Hogwarts Castle)
Possession (Hogwarts Castle) (Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes)

1. “Hermione,” he said tenderly as he stood to join her. “I am sorry to say that you can not go back to your time. I am sorry. We do not have the capabilities now. The Time-Turners we do have are primitive and lack any long-term traveling capabilities.”

Hermione’s eyes welled up with tears. “W-what are you saying?” she asked urgently.

Dumbledore patted the girl’s cheek. “You must stay here and make for yourself a life in this time,” he whispered softly.

“But, my parents, my friends—please, oh, please, sir! There must be a way!” she choked out.

He regarded her with sad eyes. “No, my child. I’m truly sorry.” He placed a hand on her shoulder. “Let’s get you to the infirmary. I’m sure Madam Pomfrey is still the school’s mediwitch, is she not?” he said with a smile.

“Yes,” she answered numbly.

“Well, before we go, let’s consult the Sorting Hat, just to be certain to which house you belong.” Dumbledore placed the aged hat on Hermione’s head, and it began to speak to her. It was nothing she hadn’t really heard before, except that it now felt a tendency towards Slytherin. Hermione grimaced. She did have a bit of sneakiness and larceny in her blood after pilfering Snape’s stores during her second-year.

It decided, though, on Gryffindor.

Hermione had no way of knowing, but in years to come, she would kick herself over and over for not demanding she be placed in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff—anything to get away from Gryffindor and Slytherin.

2. “Do not weep for what might have been; rather, if you must weep, weep for the loss of what once had been, but is no more. Then, when the tears have ceased, smile for what you have survived and accomplished. That will be a legacy no one can ever steal from you. The willful choices of youth, the follies, and rash decisions with their consequences need no repeating. However, never should we forget the lessons learned, for we are starting a new life. Refuse to turn backward to childish things. It is the dawning of a new day, so let us leave what encumbers us behind and strive for the future. It is, after all, what you will make of it.”

Hermione sat down after a moment had passed. Some wept openly, wiping their faces at the words she had spoken. But Hermione had no tears left. She had shed too many.

After the ceremony ended, Hermione hurried to leave. Unfortunately, a solid wall of black halted her progress.

“Miss Granger, your choice of words was rather cryptic. I was almost persuaded to believe you were speaking of the war, but there was a tenor in your voice that piqued my curiosity. Your words held multiple meanings, did they not?”

Hermione looked first at his buttons; then her eyes roved over the billowing material on his shoulders and arms. She finally settled her eyes on his black hair and wondered if he had ever cared enough to give a damn about it.

She heard his voice, his words, and decided not to answer. Instead, when she spoke, her voice was calm and resigned. “Goodbye, Professor Snape. You will never have to worry about my presence or questions in your dungeons ever again.”

3. “Who was your teacher?” Lupin asked.

“Severus.” She laughed at the reaction of the men in front of her. “Actually, according to Severus, I learned a great deal from his hexes off Potter’s backside,” she said with a bite to her voice.

Lupin shook his head in disgust. “That sounds like something Severus would say,” he said sadly.

“Well, it is neither here nor there,” she said, brushing it off. “I was an eager learner and was just smart enough to stay a half-step ahead of Igor. He wanted to make me his mistress, but I was able to thwart him at every turn. It was an exhausting five years before I was able to fend for myself without fear. Igor is a very lazy wizard.”

“What of Viktor Krum?” asked Dumbledore. “We have always wondered about his true allegiances.”

Alissa sighed as she slammed back the rest of her liquor. “Well, I know that Viktor was very interested in your Hermione Granger.”

The others nodded in agreement.

Alissa thought for a moment, resting her head on the headrest of her chair. She crossed her legs painfully and tapped her index finger on her armrest.

“Encourage Miss Granger to keep up her correspondence with Mr. Krum. Let me know at the slightest hint of his asking about my whereabouts. If he wants to know where I am, you have cause to worry. If he does not, we may have ourselves a liaison. It will take time to come to a decision if he holds out on asking. As it is, none of you shall be able to contact me, but as I said, I shall contact Albus as I am able. I must remain under the radar of the Ministry and of any other Order Members if this is to work properly.”

She stood stiffly and put on her heavy robes, now toasty and dry thanks to Minerva.

“Please encourage Severus to be a bit more cooperative during our next meeting. I realize how difficult his personality is, but when he applies himself, he can be quite charming. Do remind him of that. Good night.”

4. Hermione looked horrified, and Snape closed his eyes for a moment and hardened his face as he addressed the minister.

“Are you saying that the entire Weasley Family, Mr. Potter and Miss Lovegood are at this moment still lying in the Great Hall?” he asked softly. Hermione emitted a whimper of pain.

“Yes,” Kingsley admitted grimly. Snape lowered his head back into his pillow, unable to grasp the mortality of it all. “They are in stasis,” Kingsley continued. “I can keep their bodies cool for now, but soon, decisions must be made. Hermione, you are the closest Harry has to a family. Please, where do you want him to be buried?”

“Godric’s Hollow,” she choked out through her tears. “Harry would want to be with his parents.”

“I shall make the arrangements, and as Minister, I shall make you the trustee of his estate. These decisions do not have to be made now, but for the sake of the dead, the sooner the burial—”

“—Of course,” she interrupted him.

Her voice was trembling, and her body racked with sobs as she remembered the first moments right after the battle ended. Once she had extricated herself from underneath Bellatrix’s body, she saw the dead bodies of Ron and Harry. She had frantically run around looking for signs of life, but each familiar face she had met was frozen in death. She shivered and lay back down on the bed. She could do no more this day. She just wanted to cry and cry. And she wanted her mum. However, her parents were in Australia. She had no idea when or if she would ever see them again.


Severus Snape watched the weeping girl shield her tears from the others. He felt an intense desire, which confused him, to scoop her up into his arms and hold her, comfort her, and tell her all would be well. However, he was far too weak in his body. Yet, his mind, his mind would not rest. How had this small witch survived such a horrific battle?

5. After Hermione was dressed, Andromeda asked her again. “Tell me, Hermione, what happened?”

Hermione wrapped her arms around her body, chilled from the night’s events. “I was a test. Voldemort was there and told Professor Snape to rape me. He unbuttoned his trousers, laid on top of me, and before I knew it, we were here,” she said numbly.

“Let’s get you some cocoa,” she said, wrapping Hermione into a motherly hug. Hermione embraced the witch, burying her face into the woman’s bodice. Andromeda soothed her and patted her, telling her she was safe now. Hermione hadn’t been mothered in so very long. Now, she wanted it more than ever.

After a moment, Hermione released her, and they walked back down to the living room. She sat on the couch with her cocoa with Mrs. Tonks as Professor Snape talked to Dumbledore through the Floo. They spoke softly in hushed tones so she couldn’t hear what was said. When he was done, Snape rose and addressed the two witches as he took off his cloak importantly. Hermione put down her cocoa. He looked very upset.

“We shall stay the night. In the morning, Albus will arrange for us to Floo into his office. He has to work with the wards to allow this. I do hope you are pleased with yourself, Miss Granger. You may have just derailed the entire war effort!”

Hermione was shocked. She jumped up and shouted, “How dare you!”

He descended on her like a storm. “No, Miss Granger. How dare you! Your ineptitude has caused me to reveal my true allegiance. There shall be no more spying from me. Now there shall be no one to aid the Order! Because of your idiocy, all the hard work and sacrifice from each Order member has now come to an unfruitful end! I always knew you were an insufferable know-it-all, but now, you little swot, you have dismantled my entire life!” he raged.

“It is not my fault! I did everything I was supposed to do! I was attacked from the rear!” she hollered. “It’s not my fault they decided to test your loyalties. It was an entire set-up, Professor! Obviously, they all had begun to doubt you long before this!”

His face was emotionless, but his vein on his temple throbbed, and his eyes glittered madly. She knew he was murderously angry.

6. He lay in a hospital bed. He was so weak, so weak. A familiar face would come to him and then leave. He remembered voices telling him Voldemort was dead. Harry Potter was alive.

Hermione? his mind shrieked. What happened to Hermione? Dear God—please let her be alright.

His agitation was apparent to all. The Healers were concerned about him. He would not rest until he knew. The face came back, and he was able to focus. It was Hermione! He passed out and welcomed the sweet embrace of release. No more battles to be fought… no more threats to endure. The bastard had gone to hell where he deserved. Harry and Hermione were well. He welcomed death. He would no longer need to fight it.

Instead of death, his release brought a faster healing for his condition. He found himself bombarded with well wishers and the remaining members of the Order coming and crying to him over the hateful thoughts they had harbored against him for so long. It made him uncomfortable. He did not deserve it. He deserved nothing. He saw Hermione with her bright smile and knew it was true that she had been there at his side, urging him to fight for his life. Why? Why did she have to ask that of me, when I could never deny her? She was so lovely. He had missed seeing her, looking at her, watching her work and study, and his personal favorite—bossing around the two idiot twins.

Minerva offered him his old position back as Potions master. He accepted it, not because he particularly wanted the job, but because he knew of no other life. He was still very weak and needed the familiarity around him. Minerva sensed his trepidation over his abilities and said that Hermione Granger would be assisting him with his classes while she finished her N.E.W.T.s. He was not happy at all with the arrangement and told her so. Repeatedly. And loudly.

7. Early one Saturday morning, I went out walking with Hermione and Ginny. Even though I was older, I really liked Hermione. She was a brilliant witch and quite mature for her age. She was also a Muggle-born, like me. We Muggle-borns had a bond unlike any other relationships with our classmates. We knew what it was like to be different. So, that morning Hermione came to my room and told me she and Ginny wanted to talk to me about the incident at the World Cup.

“I’m dead serious, Mary,” Ginny piped up bravely. “It was disgusting what those Death Eaters did to that Muggle family.”

Hermione stood shaking her head. Finally, she spoke up. “People are going to have to be on guard. Muggle-borns like Mary and I aren’t safe. Look what happened two years ago when You-Know-Who possessed Ginny into opening the Chamber of Secrets?”

Ginny shook slightly in remembering. “Well, I know my Dad is going to make sure more attention is paid to those we know are really You-Know-Who’s followers.”

We each exchanged knowing looks and in unison all said, “Malfoy.”

We were silent for a while, and then Hermione spoke again, but this time in a dreadful voice. “Seeing the Dark Mark in that sky, I just know You-Know-Who is coming back.”

Ginny broke the gloom. “Look, we’re going to have the Triwizard Tournament this year—lots of new boys from Drumstrang. Ladies, it’s going to be a fabulous year! Be positive!” she smiled cheerfully.

We all giggled then. But I didn’t know what was coming around the bend. As the weeks passed, we were all quickly distracted by the insane turn of events. Harry Potter was a fourth champion in the Triwizard Tournament. I should have been aware, on guard at least. My new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Mad-Eye Moody, called it “Constant Vigilance!” I should have been… vigilant… After all, I wanted to be an Auror.

8. By the time the winter was ebbing, Hermione was ready to emerge from her self-imposed isolation. She had taken to walking along one of her many “fells” around her property for exercise and meditation. It felt good to have the wind on her face. One lazy Saturday, late in the afternoon, she came upon a group of boys playing in the slush around a small river. She stayed back a ways, crouching down in the reeds that grew tall by the riverbed and listened to them chat with one other. They were little boys, she determined. They couldn’t have been older than nine. One was tall and had sandy-blond hair that made her think of Remus Lupin with a twinge in her heart. The second boy had dark curly hair and was the loudest of the group. He had a wide, happy smile that he flashed often as he laughed, which was quite a bit. The last boy was quiet and had black hair as well, but she couldn’t make out his face. He was crouched low, playing with a stick in the slushy, muddy snow.

Hermione watched the three friends with bittersweet memories of her own childhood skittered across her mind whilst they laughed and pushed the other. Suddenly, they started talking seriously.

“I told you, he’s just an old git that is mean and hateful! He hollered at me and David because we were playing too close to his property!” said the sandy-blond-haired boy.

“I don’t care,” said the boy Hermione couldn’t see. “I’ve been inside his house!”

The other boy with the black curly hair slapped his forehead. “Eugene, you’re a damn liar! Just because we dared you to go and knock on the old man’s door doesn’t mean you have to lie about it,” he said to the boy named Eugene.

The boy stood up, and Hermione could see his straight black hair and pale skin. “I told yer, it’s true!” he insisted with his fists clenched to his side. “I went into the house, and he wears an old-fashioned frock coat and trousers, and a scarf around his neck. All in black, too. He’s got black hair, straight like mine, and he said he’s waiting for a lady to arrive. He’s got a wife, I reckon, so he can’t be so bad. He said she’s really pretty, too. Yer dared me, and I dast!”

“You’re making it up!” jeered the boy again.

“I did, I tell you!” Eugene yelled. “Aw, go ‘way then!” He waved his hand dismissively at them and went back to his work in the mud and slush.

Hermione watched the two boys scamper off, and when the boy was finally alone, Hermione walked towards him.

“Hello,” she said sweetly.

9. Diana smiled as she shook their hands.

“My son, Fred”—her voice wavered as she pointed to a portrait of a redheaded boy waving happily—“he died in the war.” There were tears in her eyes.

Diana swallowed and felt the sting of tears for her cousin. “I’m so sorry,” she whispered as she placed her hand on her shoulder.

“Oh… well… the war was hard on all… but here is Charlie, George—Fred’s twin—Percy, and there is Ron with his girlfriend, Hermione.”

Diana smiled in recognition. “Pleasure to see you again, Professor Granger.”

Then she caught the sight of Harry Potter next to her, his arm around Ginny.

“Professor Potter, nice to see you again,” she said breathlessly.

Hermione jumped in. “Please, no more ‘Professor’ talk. We were only too happy to step in at Hogwarts until things could get sorted out. Tell me, Diana, are you still at Hogwarts?”

“Just for a couple of months, I will be finishing school in June.”

Hermione went on. “Diana was my favorite in Potions. She is very skilled.”

“She was in Defense Against the Dark Arts, as well!” piped up Harry. “Tell me, have you been keeping up well? How is your Patronus?

“Still a gentle dove. But hopefully, I’ll never have to use her for anything other than sending messages.”

“Hear, hear!” cheered the boys in the corner.

“Sit down, dear,” whispered Molly. “Tell me, how are your parents?”

Diana looked around. “I don’t know."

10. Hermione whipped out her wand and aimed it between the man’s eyes. She was calm and collected. “I’m not your love, and my name is none of your business!” she snapped angrily.

Madam Pomfrey came in from the main entrance at the other end of the tent and shrieked. Hermione was not affected by it.

“Hermione Granger! What on earth are you doing?” she chided.

“She was probably putting Mackenerney in his place,” answered a cool voice.

Hermione stepped back from the man and looked over towards Madam Pomfrey. Beside her was Severus Snape. He was dressed in the same striped prisoners' rags, but looked cleaner than the filth in front of her. He was carrying a crate of sorts, and she noticed he did not look her in the eye. Strange, Professor Snape always looks someone in the eye—he bores his eyes into yours by way of intimidation. What is this about? she thought.

“Severus, place the potions down there and report back to Auror Bedford. He is expecting you,” Madam Pomfrey said with a superior air.

“Certainly,” he whispered and walked out.

Hermione was outraged. That man was Severus Snape? Sure, he still had his long black hair, tied back, of course, and his face and height were still the same, but his build was stronger, the pale sallow color was gone from him and had been replaced with sun-blown skin. His entire demeanor was so unlike him as well! He acted as if he were lower than both of the women present. Whatever had happened to the sneering Potions master she had always known?

Poppy Pomfrey noticed her shock as she unpacked her parcel. “Yes, dear, that is the former Professor Severus Snape. It is remarkable. The man who for years made men cower in his presence is now humbled.” She smirked as she spoke.

ginny24ginny24 on March 30th, 2012 08:09 pm (UTC)
Farewell, Livvy!

1.A change is going to come
2.La Chasseresse
3. I´ll Be There
7.Shelter from the storm
8.The Unforgiven
10. Full Of Grace
mollyssister: Answersmollyssister on April 3rd, 2012 12:20 am (UTC)
Yes all your answers are correct. Thank you for helping us honor Livvy.
purple_dolphin9purple_dolphin9 on March 31st, 2012 12:01 am (UTC)
Bookends (SS/HG) - 4
Full of Grace (SS/HG) - 10
I'll Be There (Hogwarts Castle) -3
Hurt (SS/HG) - 6
La Chasseresse ( SS/HG) (Unfinished) - 2
A Change is Going to Come (SS/HG) - 1
Longing (SS/HG) 5
The Unforgiven (SS/HG) - 8
Shelter from the Storm (Hogwarts Castle) -7
Possession (Hogwarts Castle) (Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes) -9

mollyssister: Answersmollyssister on April 3rd, 2012 12:21 am (UTC)
Thank you for playing the quiz this week and helping us to honor Livvy. All your answers are correct.
klschmidt1309klschmidt1309 on March 31st, 2012 03:05 am (UTC)
*sigh, sniff* wonderful quiz and thanks for ALL the links for the archives. :-)

4 Bookends (SS/HG)
10 Full of Grace (SS/HG)
3 I'll Be There (Hogwarts Castle)
6 Hurt (SS/HG)
2 La Chasseresse ( SS/HG) (Unfinished)
1 A Change is Going to Come (SS/HG) (a special favorite - remember my penchant for epics!)
5 Longing (SS/HG)
8 The Unforgiven (SS/HG)
7 Shelter from the Storm (Hogwarts Castle)
9 Possession (Hogwarts Castle) (Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes)
mollyssister: Answersmollyssister on April 3rd, 2012 12:22 am (UTC)
We aim to please. Thank you for playing the quiz this week and helping us to honor Livvy.
nothingness101nothingness101 on March 31st, 2012 05:34 am (UTC)
1) A Change is Going to Come
2) La Chasseresse
3) I'll Be There
4) Bookends
5) Longing
6) Hurt
7) Shelter from the Storm
8) The Unforgiven
9) Possession
10) Full of Grace

She will be greatly missed.
mollyssister: Answersmollyssister on April 3rd, 2012 12:23 am (UTC)
She will be greatly missed, I agree. Thank you for playing and acing the quiz in memory of LIvvy.
devsgma: Wolf & Moondevsgma on March 31st, 2012 06:05 pm (UTC)
1 - A Change is Going to Come (SS/HG)
2 - La Chasseresse ( SS/HG) (Unfinished)
3 - I'll Be There (Hogwarts Castle)
4 - Bookends (SS/HG)
5 - Longing (SS/HG)
6 - Hurt (SS/HG)
7 - Shelter from the Storm (Hogwarts Castle)
8 - The Unforgiven (SS/HG)
9 - Possession (Hogwarts Castle) (Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes)
10 - Full of Grace (SS/HG)
mollyssister: Answersmollyssister on April 3rd, 2012 12:24 am (UTC)
Thank you for helping us honor Livvy by acing the quiz this week.
puzzlegrrl: Puzzlegrrlpuzzlegrrl on March 31st, 2012 06:56 pm (UTC)
1 A Change is Going to Come
2 La Chasseresse
3 I'll Be There
4 Bookends
5 Longing
6 Hurt
7 Shelter from the Storm
8The Unforgiven
9 Possession
10 Full of Grace

You'll never be forgotten Livvy.
mollyssister: Answersmollyssister on April 3rd, 2012 12:24 am (UTC)
Thank you for helping us honor Livvy's memory and acing the quiz. Well done
Wendy Coonwolfsbanegold22 on March 31st, 2012 07:28 pm (UTC)
1. A Change is Going to Come
2. La Chasseresse
3. I'll be There
4. Bookends
6. Hurt
10. Full of Grace
mollyssister: Answersmollyssister on April 3rd, 2012 12:25 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for honoring Livvy's memory and playing the quiz this week.
Wendy Coonwolfsbanegold22 on April 3rd, 2012 05:32 pm (UTC)
I'm currently reading her stories that I had not yet read
beffeysuebeffeysue on April 1st, 2012 02:27 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for creating this tribute to Livvy. She was a joy of a writer and a friend, and I will miss her with all my being. She made me laugh, and she made me cry. As I read her stories, I cringed through the angst knowing that in the end my heart would soar and be filled with joy.

Thank you to you, Bea, for writing this heartfelt tribute at the beginning of this week's SSHG Quiz. I will take joy in the stories Livvy gifted to us, and I will always remember her as the talented, brave, and courageous woman that she was. I hope her family and friends will take comfort in knowing how much she was loved in the community. Always.

1. A Change is Going to Come (SS/HG)
2. La Chasseresse ( SS/HG) (Unfinished)
3. I'll Be There (Hogwarts Castle)
4. Bookends (SS/HG)
5. Longing (SS/HG)
6. Hurt (SS/HG)
7. Shelter from the Storm (Hogwarts Castle)
8. The Unforgiven (SS/HG)
9. Possession (Hogwarts Castle) (Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes)
10. Full of Grace (SS/HG)
mollyssister: Answersmollyssister on April 3rd, 2012 12:25 am (UTC)
Thank YOU for playing the quiz this week and acing it in Livvy's honor.
premierludwig: sev-r-uspremierludwig on April 1st, 2012 11:19 pm (UTC)
I haven't played the quiz this weekend as I've been utterly absorbed in reading A Change Is Going To Come. I wish she were still here so that I could send a review to tell her how fascinating the plot is and how much I've been enjoying her versions of Hermione and Severus.

Let us hope that all abandonned plotlines make their way to heaven too and she is happily enjoying an abundance of happier Severus stories where she is now (JK must have wished something nicer for him at some point).
hbarthbart on April 2nd, 2012 04:52 am (UTC)
I never participate in this because I never get to it on time, and even if I did, there are so many stories I have never read. Crazy, I know. But, Livvy ... I do believe she was an author whose work I lived for reading. So, let's see if I can get a half decent score here.

1.A Change is Going to Come
2.La Chasseresse
3.I'll Be There
7.Shelter From the Storm
8.The Unforgiven
10.Full of Grace
mollyssister: Answersmollyssister on April 3rd, 2012 12:26 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for playing the quiz and acing it in honor of Livvy.