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It's another Quiz Poll!

It's time for squeeing fangirls everywhere to have their say once again! Which quiz theme should be featured this coming Friday? Make sure you vote by Noon EST (New York) on Thursday, January 26th.

Poll #1813645 Time to vote again!
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This Friday's quiz theme just has to be...

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The Widow Weasley - Hermione looks good in black, don't you think?
67 (34.5%)
Best Supporting Actor - male characters in a supporting role.
25 (12.9%)
Best Supporting Actress - female characters in a supporting role.
27 (13.9%)
A Prolific Author Series Quiz - Mods will randomly draw from the completed PAS quizzes in the Vault.
32 (16.5%)
Let Bellatrix choose!
43 (22.2%)
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